CarBuckets has one mission in mind: to change the car-buying and leasing process by creating a platform that is transparent, accessible and enjoyable. The first step to achieving this is giving buyers the ultimate purchasing power. Some would say we’ve “flipped the script” on automotive dealerships, but we don’t see it that way. The way we see it, CarBuckets is restoring the balance in the car buying and leasing process. How do we do that? By bridging the gap between car buyers and dealerships.

 Our participating Dealerships are required to comply to our legally Dealer Code of Conduct– an agreement that prohibits everything you’ve come to dislike in the car-buying or leasing process – from the endless back-and-forth negations to the bait-and-switch tactics that many car dealerships employ. At CarBuckets, the price you see is the price you get, down to the penny. Dealerships within our network are willing to give significant discounts to you not only because we group you together with other car buyers, but because our platform revolutionizes the leasing and buying process, both for consumers and dealerships, resulting in greater efficiency and cost-savings.

So, this is where you come in…when using the CarBuckets platform, we ask that you comply with this Buyer Code of Conduct. We put together this list of guidelines as a foundation – one that will help foster the community or dealerships and consumers that we are building at CarBuckets. It’s a community that benefits all those who wish to participate in it. If we all act accordingly, we will successfully restore the balance in the car-buying process. And guess what? Shopping for your next car will actually be fun again!

With that in mind, we ask our Users to abide by the following guidelines:

1.     Ask questions. We are here to help you and we created this platform for your benefit. We are the car experts, so you don’t have to be. Please note, however, that CarBuckets does not have the power to bind or act on behalf of a Dealership nor does a Dealership have the power to bind CarBuckets or act on our behalf.

2.     Trust in us. We are incredibly passionate about what we do, and we promise to always do right by you, keeping our platform free of all that has come to taint the car buying process. We operate under the kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement, incorporating the philosophy into all that we do, from our technology platform to our relationships to our customer experience. We promise to keep innovating so that we can bring you the best online car buying experience possible. As such, trust that we will never improperly share or sell your personal information (Please see our Privacy Policy for more information). We will always give you real pricing (including taxes and fees), down to the penny.

3.     Be at ease. We have your back through the entire process, so contact us with any concerns. Each Certified CarBuckets Advisor (an agent or employee of our participating Dealers) is trained to walk you thought he process of joining a Bucket and using our platform. Certified CarBuckets Advisors are employees or agents of our participating Dealership and not employees or agents of CarBuckets. We hold our participating Dealerships to a very high standard, so if you feel like you’ve been misled or deceived, please flag these issues. Dealerships who have violated our policies will be swiftly removed from our platform.

4.     Be honest. We ask our participating Dealerships to do the same, and it’s how we’re able to get you real discounts and real prices. Our participating Dealerships join CarBuckets because they know that we bring them real buyers who are genuinely interested in purchasing or leasing a vehicle. Therefore, its in their best interest to offer their lowest possible prices. In turn, we ask that you operate honestly and provide real information when using our Service, creating a User Account, joining a Bucket, and throughout buying or leasing process. Remember your privacy is our priority. We will never improperly sell your information or harass you with spam. More information regarding our privacy practices can be found in our Privacy Policy.

5.     Be courteous and operate in a timely manner. Our participating dealerships must bid quickly so we can get you your zero-commitment pricing on a daily-basis. However, once a Final Price has been issued by the Winning Dealership, please note that Vehicles cannot be held unless a deposit is paid. Because dealership inventory changes constantly, dealerships may request that you place a deposit to hold a Vehicle for up to five (5) days. If you do not complete your transaction or place a deposit within that time, Dealerships are free to re-sell or lease that Vehicle.

6.     Be respectful. We treat everyone with respect, and we ask that you do the same. Once you’ve received your CarBuckets Price, if you choose to move forward with the purchase or lease of the identified vehicle, we will connect you with a Certified CarBuckets Advisor (an employee of the Winning Dealership). Your initial User Interview with your Advisor is meant to answer any questions you might have regarding the vehicle, to discuss different maintenance packages and most importantly, to help you identify the best financing or lease terms for your new vehicle. We understand that the car buying experience has gotten a bad rap, but we are here to change that. We know that your advisor will take great care to help assemble the best plan for you. Please be courteous of their time by being punctual for your User Interview and please be respectful in your conversations.

7.     Play fair by providing real information. It’s only for your benefit. Dealers are giving us real pricing and discounts because our buyers are verified individuals, interested in purchasing or leasing a vehicle. Do not enter fake credit information, upload fake documents or impersonate another individual. You will be flagged and banned from using our service.

8.     Have fun! You’re buying a new car. This is one of the most exciting purchases you’ll ever make. Forget everything you’ve come to know about car buying and just enjoy the CarBuckets process.

Of course, if you have any questions about using CarBuckets or if you wish to report an issue, please contact us.