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How it works

  • 1. Choose your make, model and trim.

  • 2. Get grouped with local buyers.

  • 3. Dealers bid for your group.

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How We're Different

  • Pricing
  • Transparency
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  • Time

Group Pricing

We're the only place dealerships compete for car buyers as a group. As a result, we are able to give our users bigger discounts, just like when you buy in bulk.


Our dealers are legally bound to the prices they provide CarBuckets users. With us, you won’t get any surprise fees or add-ons.

Net Price

Use this number when comparing your CarBuckets final price with other prices. We include all fees. Others do not, even though they tell you they do.

Hidden Dealer Fees

Every dealer has hidden fees. You usually don’t find out about them until you’re ready to sign. Not with CarBuckets. We disclose them before you even step foot at the dealership. Unfortunately, these fees are fixed and non-negotiable.

Final Price

All CarBuckets participating dealers are legally required to honor this price, down to the penny. Failure to do so results in financial penalties against the dealer.

The Bidding Process

CarBuckets Dealers bid every Tuesday and Wednesday. You’ll receive your CarBuckets price by Thursday. You then have five days to test drive at the winning dealership, with no obligation to buy.

Dealer pledge

Every participating CarBuckets Dealer is required to sign our Code of Conduct. It’s a legally-binding contract where they agree to the following:

1. We promise to never offer fake prices.
2. We promise to disclose all fees.
3. We promise to honor the price quoted in your final CarBuckets bid.

Dealers are penalized financially should they fail to comply by our rules.

See what others are saying about us


“It was super awesome to see that I actually received a 42% greater discount than any other price I got online. It was amazing to see that it actually worked!”


“Instead of having to haggle with the dealerships, the dealers are haggling over the customers. I got an almost 50% greater discount. It just puts more power into the consumers.”


“Oh my gosh, the CarBuckets dealers were such a difference. He was so nice, so helpful. I really didn’t have to worry if they were trying to rip me off.”


How long does it take for a Bucket to get filled?

We close our Buckets every Tuesday at 11:59p. Dealers bid on Buckets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Final pricing details are sent to our users by Thursday morning. The winning dealership is determined by who gave the lowest volume price for that Bucket. Users have five (5) days (Thursday-Monday) to make an appointment to test drive their new car at the winning dealership. Users who have not scheduled their test drive appointment within 24 hours of receiving their final bid are contacted by the winning dealership.

Ten (10) days is the longest amount of time a CarBuckets users will ever have to wait for their final CarBuckets price.

What if everyone in my Bucket doesn’t buy their car?

That’s OK. You still get the discount you were given, regardless of who in the group decided to purchase their own car. There is no obligation to buy your car when using CarBuckets. Your only obligation is to take a test drive at the dealership that gave you the best price.

How are Buckets grouped?

Buckets are grouped by the city and by vehicle brand. A bucket consists of a group of automotive buyers who live in the same city and who want the same brand of car. For example, if you live in Atlanta, GA and want a new Toyota Corolla, you will be placed in the Atlanta Toyota bucket. If you live in Miami, FL and want a new Honda Civic, you will be placed in the Miami Honda Bucket with other Honda buyers in Miami. A bucket can have a variety of different models and trims from the same brand.

Is CarBuckets an automotive broker?

No. We do not negotiate on behalf of our users, nor do we make any money off the sale of your car. Instead we let our platform, which is rooted in the Economies of Scale, do the negotiating for you. Since dealers bidding to win a bucket are competing to win a group of car buyers as opposed to just one buyer, they are able to offer lower prices as a way to not lose out on multiple sales. Our way of doing things is much more effective at getting you a solid deal than negotiating per car.


* Based on actual consumer acquisition data as compared to prices listed on with available savings.