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    A fresh take on digital retail

    Our white label software is simple to use and simple to learn.
    Sell cars 100% online without any new in-store processes.

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    Online Identity Verification

    Keep your dealership safe and prevent fraudulent transactions with our online verification tool. 

    This 3-layer Fraud Prevention System allows users to:

    1. Scan and Verify Photo ID

    2. Take a Selfie to Match Photo ID

    3. Validate SSN & Addresses 



    Nationwide Vehicle Shipping

    Shipping cost is automatically calculated and presented to the buyer at time of offer.  Once the deal is done, schedule vehicle pickup and delivery with one click. 
    Easy Peasy.


    Finance Rates.

    We pull live rates from over 70 Captive and Non-Captive Lenders so you can provide your online customers with the same Penny-Perfect payment options you would in-store.

    Zip-code based incentives & rebates are provided from all the major OEM’s with stackability rules. 


    Simple and Secure

    Collecting funds online has never been easier or more secure. Our software calculates and collects funds due at signing with one simple click. Money is transferred straight from the buyer’s bank account to your dealership’s bank account.

    Your controller will be very happy, we promise.


    Seamless integrations with your existing tools.

    There is no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to your in-store processes.

    CarBuckets works with the technology that is already working for you. We integrate with dozens of apps within your existing automotive software solutions.

    Menu Selling

    Huge Menu-Selling Opportunities.

    Virtually sell your existing F&I products through our Menu- selling tool. Our algorithm asks your customers questions then calculates and presents them with vin-specific payment options based on their driving habits and needs.