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Group Buying For Cars.
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How does it work?

Pick Your Car
Step 1

Pick Your Car

Select the make, model, and color of your new car. You will also be able to select from all available cash rebates and manufacturer offers.

Step 2

Get grouped with similar car buyers

We group car buyers by the brand of car they want. By grouping you, you are able to get a lower price on your new car than you can get on your own. Why? Because there are more sales at stake for these dealers.

Toyota Group Buying For Cars. BMW Group Buying For Cars.  Honda Group Buying For Cars.  Nissan Group Buying For Cars.
Save 40% more on your next car purchase.
Step 3

Dealers nationwide compete for your group

Dealers give their most aggressive price for each car in your Bucket. The dealer with the lowest price in the country wins. Winning prices are sent out every Thursday.

Step 4

Free Home Delivery

Get a quote, review the paperwork and sign the contract from the comfort of your home. Get your new car delivered without ever stepping foot in a dealership.

Free Home Delivery

Don't take our word for it

Founder Alex Esteves chats with the Cheddar panel about CarBuckets and the future of the car buying industry.

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Real Stories From Real CarBuckets Customers

CarBuckets testimonials from real car buyers.

“It was super awesome to see that I actually received a 42% greater discount than any other price I got online. It was amazing to see that it actually worked!”
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CarBuckets testimonials from real car buyers.

“Instead of having to haggle with the dealerships, the dealers are haggling over the customers. I got an almost 50% greater discount. It just puts more power into the consumers.”
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CarBuckets testimonials from real car buyers.

“Oh my gosh, the CarBuckets dealers were such a difference. He was so nice, so helpful. I really didn’t have to worry if they were trying to rip me off.”
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CarBuckets transparency, CarBuckets code of conduct, CarBuckets dealer pledge.

Dealer pledge

Every participating CarBuckets Dealer is required to sign our Code of Conduct. It’s a legally-binding contract where they agree to the following:

1. We promise to never offer fake prices.
2. We promise to disclose all fees.
3. We promise to honor the price quoted in your final CarBuckets bid.

Dealers are penalized financially should they fail to comply by our rules.


* Based on actual consumer acquisition data as compared to prices listed on with available savings.