Car Buying, Evolved

Leverage group buying power to get the lowest possible price on your new vehicle plus Free Shipping!

Carbuckets groups prospective car buyers together in buckets and dealers across the country bid for bulk business. Or shop on your own - browse new or used from our nationwide inventory.

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Your vehicle
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Choose your vehicle make, model, year, color, trim and transmission right from our easy-to-use dashboard.

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Dealerships bid. You win.

After you choose your vehicle, CarBuckets gives dealerships across the country the chance to bid for your business. We show you the best deal.

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Free home delivery.

After you accept a dealership’s offer, CarBuckets guides you through the remaining steps. From purchasing vehicle protection, to submitting documents, to having your vehicle shipped directly to your door for free, CarBuckets makes it easy.

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Simple. Transparent. Unbiased.

The need for more simplicity and transparency in the car buying process were principal motivators in creating CarBuckets.  We strive to simplify the process, ensure you have full visibility up front to the REAL price you will pay, get the car you actually want… and why not do it stress free from your couch?

Being treated a certain way because of your age, gender or credit score; we’re eliminating that altogether.  When you choose a car and send it out to bid, dealerships nationwide only see that we have someone interested in buying a car. No judgements.  No tension. No anxiety. A great price. Every single time. Regardless of who you are.

Want to learn more?

Want to learn more?  Sign up and we will keep you in the loop with our latest updates.

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